Final Proposal

Hello Everyone!

Below is a link to the Final Grant Proposal to improve and #FixGolfDr. Based on feedback I have made the following changes to the proposal:

Corrected several spelling errors or grammatical errors.

  • Significant revision to the opening paragraph reading “the gateway” to Beacon Hill to improve language and wording.

  • Corrected a statistic where I forgot that 7 divided by 17 is not “over half”. 

  • Made a notation that the “bike on ramp” may need additional relocation to find the best spot based on pole location, sidewalk width, and typical activity.

  • Inserted a suggested no “right on red” location for right hand turns from Sturgis onto Golf Dr Northbound (turns on to the bridge).

  • Due to cost restraints, I did create a new section indicating “further” improvements that should be considered.

    • Widened sidewalks in shared spaces on the bridge or considering using a wider sidewalk instead of PBLs.  

    • Indicated that the “expanded curb bulb/island” may also be a spot for additional amenities to make it more like a mini park. I also indicated that working with the nearby vegetation may provide opportunities to expand park access and open space access.

If you have a moment to review, please do. Let me know if you see anything that still needs adjustment or correct. I plan to submit this application to the city Tomorrow (11/18) near the end of the day. [Contact]

Next Steps: Soon, we'll need to work through the next steps of gathering more supporters (hello Door Knocking) in preparation for when the city starts the process to prioritize projects submitted through the grant process.

Final Proposal:

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