This page will have links to documents that BHSS has received or created over time that others may find helpful in the endeavors for creating safer streets for all. Not all documents may be "100% streets" related, for example a neighborhood plan has many aspects.

We'll update and maintain as best we can.

 Cover of SDOT's Bridge Safety Analysis

Cover of SDOT's Bridge Safety Analysis

SDOT Bridge safety study feb 2018

This PDF document contains SDOT's study of 9 bridges in the city, including the Jose Rizal/12th Ave. Bridge; the study looks at things like crash data to find ways to enhance safety and create a more comfortable environment for walking and biking. The analysis reviews and evaluates existing conditions and collision history at nine key bridge-related locations. Proposed design concepts follow these analyses. 

One other key note is a proposed design for Golf Dr & S Charles St.