Making Our Streets Safe


Welcome, we’re glad you’re here. We need your feedback and support to help make Beacon Hill a safer place to walk, drive, bike, and use transit. The City of Seattle, through its “Neighborhood Street Fund” (NSF) program has made available funds that our group, along with partner groups, would like to bring to Beacon Hill.

First things first though, please take our online survey to provide your feedback on getting around Beacon Hill:

Okay, did you give feedback? Great. Next we’ll explain the process for getting projects done on Beacon Hill.

How the process works:

  1. Groups submit ideas to the City (Completed!)

  2. The City puts these ideas online, and they are ranked. (Completed!)

  3. Once ranked, highly rated projects make it to the next round and are voted on by the community: (Completed!)

  4. Projects with the most votes will be sent to the Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee who will pick which projects get built and where.

Beacon Hill Safe Streets (BHSS) is currently supporting three specific grant applications and collecting feedback that can be used to refine the designs before they our built to better meet community needs.

Our Supported Projects

#FixGolfDr (Fix Golf Drive, #2019-102)


Fixing Golf Drive centers primarily around improvements to Golf Dr S & S Charles St as well as the Jose Rizal Bridge. After conducting outreach BHSS found that many people who walk, bike, and drive all find the area to feel dangerous.

Yes, this is our amazing artists rendering of what the intersection could look like.

Our solution focuses on the following key elements to improve the experience for all users:

  • Adding a left turn pocket for people turning to Sturgis

  • Creating an uphill (south bound) bike lane that feeds to a new “landing area”

  • Removing the slip lane for improved pedestrian safety

These simple changes we hope will greatly improve the intersection and safety for all.

You can read more about this grant application by clicking here.

Beacon Ave Mobility Improvements (#2019-108)


This project proposal focuses on improving crossings on Beacon Ave at Lander and Stephens. This project design was created by SDOT through a community prioritization process, however; that process did not have funding. The Beacon Business Alliance took the design and has submitted it for funding.

Stephens Draft.PNG

The project focuses on the following key elements:

  • Adding a new crosswalk to Beacon Ave & Stephens Street

  • Re-configuring Lander St to improve crossing safety

  • Adding new design elements to improve sight lines at the station

  • Expanding the festival street paving

The hope is these change will improve safety at these key, high crash locations.

You can read more about this grant application by clicking here.

Beacon Ave Trail Improvements (#2019-104)

Trail Photo.PNG

The Beacon Ave Trail is a 10 foot wide path that runs down the median of Beacon Ave south of Columbian Way. This trail is regularly used by people in the neighborhood for running and other recreation, as well as by those who struggle with the nearby broken/damaged sidewalks and prefer/need the trails somewhat smoother pavement.

The trail’s usage has struggled though; it needs repaving due to damage as wells as improved crossings along the trail to improve safety. The goal of the Beacon Ave Trail Improvements is to help repaid and refresh the trail as well as provide raised crosswalks at all trail crossings between Columbian way and Myrtle St.

The key elements are:

  • Raised Crosswalks to create a more continuous trail feeling

  • Repaving of the trail where damaged

  • New crossing at Graham St

We hope you will join us in supporting a better Beacon Ave Trail in South Beacon Hill.

You can click here to read more about this grant application.

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