What is this?


What is it?

#FixGolfDrive is community members working together to try and fix the intersection and surrounding area of Golf Dr S & S Charles St, in particular to make it safe for all people whether they are driving, walking or biking.

How it started

Our #FixGolfDrive push started with a crash on Sunday, March 11th. A man was struck by a driver rushing a red light, going over the speed limit. The driver did not stop, leaving the man in the street for dead. Read more on Q13 

We then had conversations with other community members asking how they felt crossing that intersection and on Golf Dr. in general and we found that quite a few people had near-misses there or other concerns about the intersection. The crash data told a similar story, quite a few crashes many involving pedestrians and cyclists. 

Beacon Hill Safe Streets members decided that it was the time to start working on fixing Golf Dr and making it safe for everyone.