June 23rd Community Event

Slip lane shut down

June 23rd, 2018

On June 23rd, 2018 Beacon Hill Safe Streets (BHSS) held an event to chat with the local neighborhood about how they felt regarding #FixGolfDrive (What is #FixGolfDrive? Click Here). It was a fun event on a cloudy day where amazing BHSS volunteers closed down the unsafe Slip Lane for a few hours and placed a table with snacks, surveys, and coffee out.

A photo from the event

A photo from the event

What did we learn?

We learned quite a few things from the fact some pedestrians are so concerned for their safety using the slip lane that they cross the street to hearing from people who drive who worry about being hit while trying to make an unprotected left. Everyone seemed to express a problem. You can read all the things we heard by Clicking Here to go to a Google Doc.

What's Next?

At the next Beacon Hill Safe Streets meeting (July 26th, 6PM-7:30PM @ the Beacon Hill Library) we will devote the 2nd half to discussing and setting near term and long term goals and then if time allows moving into a discussion about what elements we want to see the city change in this area. This will be the first steps towards figuring out what avenues we need to take. There are some "quick wins" that we could work towards.

If you can't make the meeting that's totally OK! Every step of the way we're going to be reaching back out online to show whats going on and take additional feedback in. Eventually the end goal will be to have a clear ask we can make of SDOT (the Seattle Department of Transportation) and our elected officials (such as Council-members and the Mayor's Office) and/or apply for grants that may be able to fund improvements and activate YOU to help press them for it!

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