Final Proposal

Hello Everyone!

Below is a link to the Final Grant Proposal to improve and #FixGolfDr. Based on feedback I have made the following changes to the proposal:

Corrected several spelling errors or grammatical errors.

  • Significant revision to the opening paragraph reading “the gateway” to Beacon Hill to improve language and wording.

  • Corrected a statistic where I forgot that 7 divided by 17 is not “over half”. 

  • Made a notation that the “bike on ramp” may need additional relocation to find the best spot based on pole location, sidewalk width, and typical activity.

  • Inserted a suggested no “right on red” location for right hand turns from Sturgis onto Golf Dr Northbound (turns on to the bridge).

  • Due to cost restraints, I did create a new section indicating “further” improvements that should be considered.

    • Widened sidewalks in shared spaces on the bridge or considering using a wider sidewalk instead of PBLs.  

    • Indicated that the “expanded curb bulb/island” may also be a spot for additional amenities to make it more like a mini park. I also indicated that working with the nearby vegetation may provide opportunities to expand park access and open space access.

If you have a moment to review, please do. Let me know if you see anything that still needs adjustment or correct. I plan to submit this application to the city Tomorrow (11/18) near the end of the day. [Contact]

Next Steps: Soon, we'll need to work through the next steps of gathering more supporters (hello Door Knocking) in preparation for when the city starts the process to prioritize projects submitted through the grant process.

Final Proposal:

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Idea Collection

The Neighborhood Street Fund Grant is back again looking for projects between 100k-1mm to fund! What we need from you is ideas. I've created a template that includes blank maps of the intersection to help make it easier for people to express their ideas.

Full Instructions & Blank Templates (WORD):

Full Instructions & Blank Templates (PDF):

Idea Submission: 

Brief Instructions:

1. Review the Full Instructions & Blank Template (Above)

2. After you have some thoughts, using the blank maps in the template sketch out your ideas.

3. Submit your ideas by 11/8/18

4. You can submit as many ideas as you want.

We're on a tight timeline as NSF grants are due 11/19. After people respond we’ll create another survey to help take feedback on ideas as well as rank them.


Our Goals


After a successful survey we’ve set our goals for #FixGolfDrive:

  • Improved Safety for all road users through lower speeds in the corridor and improvements to turning and crossing for all modes.

  • Clear delineation of where vehicles, bikes and pedestrians should be and how they should travel through the area.

  • A focus on pedestrian safety, particularly for vulnerable populations.

  • Making this corridor feel like it’s part of a neighborhood versus an area to pass through.

Next up: Idea Collection

SDOT Bridge Safety Analysis includes #FixGolfDrive

A few months ago SDOT released what they called the "Bridge Safety Analysis" which was a review of the safety on or near bridges in Seattle, one of the bridges selected for evaluation was the Jose Rizal Bridge and the intersections on each side of it. You can read the full document by clicking here; below I'm going to discuss just the suggested improvements to Golf Dr S & S Charles St. 

Snip-it of crash data from the report

Snip-it of crash data from the report

The section discusses the crash data (my note: crash data is only collected when Seattle Police or Seattle Fire come, so it's likely missing many more minor incidents) as it opens and seems to have similar findings to what we had when first checking out this spot: people are getting hurt here.

Of note here it doesn't go into "car" crashes, but if you review it online you can see that there are quite a few of those as well and it really highlights that there are issues for everyone who traverses this area. In our talks with neighbors the safety around turning came up quite a bit and changes are going to be needed to improve those conditions.

SDOT's ideas for improvements

SDOT's ideas for improvements

After some more analysis-ing they reveal a new design for the intersection. The problem with this though ends up being that it's really not addressing quite a few of the issues.

They do add a few markers, some new signs, etc. but it's not a full redesign and does nothing to address the concerns around the slip lane or turning difficulties. 

So what now?

The fact SDOT is looking at this intersection is a good thing, but, and it's a big but! We'll need to keep working to ensure that we're able to really get a good redesign done and address all the concerns people have put forward so far!


Lets Set Goals

An important part of working together towards a common goal is to actually set goals together to help make sure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same results. At our last BHSS meeting on 07/26/2018 we decided to come up with a few goals to kick us off but we're also wanting to hear from YOU.

After we have more input we're going to send out another survey ranking the ideas and narrowing them down so we can put together a short list of goals and a problem statement. It may not sound exciting but this work is vital to ensuring a successful outcome!

Read our short list of goals and take the survey now! Click Here

June 23rd Community Event

Slip lane shut down

June 23rd, 2018

On June 23rd, 2018 Beacon Hill Safe Streets (BHSS) held an event to chat with the local neighborhood about how they felt regarding #FixGolfDrive (What is #FixGolfDrive? Click Here). It was a fun event on a cloudy day where amazing BHSS volunteers closed down the unsafe Slip Lane for a few hours and placed a table with snacks, surveys, and coffee out.

A photo from the event

A photo from the event

What did we learn?

We learned quite a few things from the fact some pedestrians are so concerned for their safety using the slip lane that they cross the street to hearing from people who drive who worry about being hit while trying to make an unprotected left. Everyone seemed to express a problem. You can read all the things we heard by Clicking Here to go to a Google Doc.

What's Next?

At the next Beacon Hill Safe Streets meeting (July 26th, 6PM-7:30PM @ the Beacon Hill Library) we will devote the 2nd half to discussing and setting near term and long term goals and then if time allows moving into a discussion about what elements we want to see the city change in this area. This will be the first steps towards figuring out what avenues we need to take. There are some "quick wins" that we could work towards.

If you can't make the meeting that's totally OK! Every step of the way we're going to be reaching back out online to show whats going on and take additional feedback in. Eventually the end goal will be to have a clear ask we can make of SDOT (the Seattle Department of Transportation) and our elected officials (such as Council-members and the Mayor's Office) and/or apply for grants that may be able to fund improvements and activate YOU to help press them for it!

Not on the mailing list?

Email and request to be added!

What is this?


What is it?

#FixGolfDrive is community members working together to try and fix the intersection and surrounding area of Golf Dr S & S Charles St, in particular to make it safe for all people whether they are driving, walking or biking.

How it started

Our #FixGolfDrive push started with a crash on Sunday, March 11th. A man was struck by a driver rushing a red light, going over the speed limit. The driver did not stop, leaving the man in the street for dead. Read more on Q13 

We then had conversations with other community members asking how they felt crossing that intersection and on Golf Dr. in general and we found that quite a few people had near-misses there or other concerns about the intersection. The crash data told a similar story, quite a few crashes many involving pedestrians and cyclists. 

Beacon Hill Safe Streets members decided that it was the time to start working on fixing Golf Dr and making it safe for everyone.